About us

Cafa Apparel Limited is working as Sourcing agent, Manufacturer, Supplier and we provide Inspection services for readymade garments. We Deal with all kinds of Knit, Woven, Non-Woven, Sweater, Leather and leather goods. Apart from these, we are building our own brand concentrating on garments, leather and other lifestyle goods. Our concept is digital marketing and we are selling our products only through E-commerce. In terms of our centre of concern, we focus on design, quality and service without overcharging the products.

We source and produce quality garments from Bangladesh. We locate the manufacturing unit based on customers’ expectations and requirements with regards to the quality, quantity, fashion, style and price to ensure customer values and satisfaction. We emphasise on sourcing quality fabric and accessories as it is key to ensure smooth and superior quality products.



Our motto is to development together, share and live together.



Our goal is to enrich fashion world, build customer satisfaction and developing working environment.



Cafa Apparel is committed to provide quality garments in time responsive to emerging challenges of the time. Fulfilling the buyer’s expectations by providing quality products in a competitive price and in time with best working groups and serve the society and humanity.



Cafa Apparel envisions to promoting garments industry of Bangladesh to the outer world by exporting all kinds of quality garments.